Tucson’s New Alarm Ordinance Now in Effect

For the complete ordinance and other information go to: http://cms3.tucsonaz.gov/police/alarm-education: for a copy of the ordinance click here

Tucson has adopted a new alarm ordinance which requires licensure of alarm companies: $20 annual registration of alarm users (can be done on-line); monthly reports from each alarm company regarding their customer base (see attached) in an Excel spreadsheet or MS Access which can be saved electronically on a CD or DVD and mailed to the police alarm unit, downloaded by the Police Department on an FTP server hosted by the alarm company or for smaller reports, can be emailed to TPDAlarms@tucsonaz.gov; and false alarm assessments as opposed to civil penalties. Click here for Data Template

Officers Rod Parrish and Wayne Formoe of the Tucson Alarm Unit can be reached at 520-837-7318.


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